👋 I'm Atila.

Picture of Atila

A Brazilian/Italian Web developer with around 9 years of experience.

I'm very passionate about delivering good overall UX through fast and accessible code, in order to keep myself updated and to push the web forward I do my best to engage with the open-source community, either as a writer, speaker or coder.

A Web Developer, as in: I love coding JavaScript and NodeJS, I'm very passionate about performance (specially, but not restricted to, client-side), A11Y is a paramount responsability and good UX is always my target.

I'm also:

32 years old. Husband. Father of 2. Nerd. Brazilian born and raised. Italian from heritage. Fast food sommelier. Sports fan.

Past experience

I have lived and worked in quite a few places and with quite a few teams. From small teams and local business to international and distributed teams like Terra Networks in 🇧🇷, N26 in 🇩🇪, Pushpay in 🇳🇿

Fun facts
  • I have a bachelor in Physical Education. 💪
  • I've swum more than 60Km at open waters in official competitions 🏊‍
  • I like dad jokes and stupid puns. 🧐
  • I don't drink coffee. But I compensate with mate. 🔥